Red Rooster Coffee

Ecommerce Website

October 2016

Red Rooster Coffee had outgrown an aging Wordpress/Woocommerce website with major usability and speed issues. They didn't feel it properly showed off their brand, and it was difficult to manage. Mono Mono was brought on as full service studio to transition Red Rooster to a new digital home. As of writing this, sales have increased by 137%.

UX, Design, Development, Photography, Consulting

Wireframing and UX Triage

We spent the beginning of 2016 looking through the problems they had with their current site. We simplified the shopping and subscription experience, and found ways to connect related content not possible with their template.

Design & Development

Next, we transitioned the wireframes into a design that kept Red Rooster's honesty and humility up front at every turn. A lot of influence was taken from vegetable can labels, lithography, botanical fruit drawings, and steeped in the slowness and care of Appalachian life. We now have a visual style that is seen in all of Red Rooster's digital marketing.

As sluggish performance was such a linchpin for the previous site, we made that a major focus of this build. The pages are rendered on a Node server using React, and a client side app is sent to the browser for fast navigation after the first load. The React application is backed by a CraftCMS, both for sending custom page content and pulling product and subscription information from Shopify. This gave us a lot more control over how we could format the content over Shopify's built in website CMS.


To outfit Red Rooster's new digital home, we took portraits of staff, captured their work in the roastery, and directed and shot product photography.