Greenhouse Go

Carbon Planner App

October 2014

Carbon Planner was built on Laravel, Backbone, and Marionette. It allows planners to propose land usage of building projects, analyze carbon and water footprint, and plan for mitigation strategies to improve results.

Design, Development

Describe Scenario

Users then plan the land usage of a project. They can pick from 65+ use types to describe their projects use case. The app provides visual feedback about acreage used so far.

Plan Land Usage

Users start by describing their project site. Name the project, enter the ZIP Code and site acreage. Carbon Planner automatically knows about the surrounding climate, urban context, and area utility service providers.

Analyze Emissions

Users analyze the carbon and water footprint of their project. Users can drill down into land use types to figure out which parts of their project are most environmentally costly and why.

Mitigate Emissions

Users can explore mitigation strategies to reduce carbon footprint. They can way costs vs. benefits to decide which strategies best fit their needs and constraints.

Deliver Project

The last step allows users to email a PDF report of their findings: land usage, emissions breakdowns, mitigation strategies, and savings results.