Selected Works

2013 — Today

Ian Williams is a designer and software engineer living and working in Appalachia. The following is an archive of work, studies, and personal projects spanning the past 5 years of his career.

  • Personal
Spotify Exporter Design, Development
  • Red Rooster Coffee
Holiday Campaign Development, Photography, Consulting
  • Chute
React UI Kit Development
  • The Spot
Show Poster Design
  • Personal
Fish Tattoo Illustration
  • Chute
Instagram Ads App Design, Development
  • STFU
Web App Design
Marketing Website Design, Development
  • Gaea Rich
Logo Exploration Design
  • Personal
Hermit Illustration
  • Personal
Man Fly Illustration
  • Crowdnoize
Logomark Design
  • Hunter Dickenson
Portfolio Design, Photography
  • Mountain Halo
Logo Design
  • Bombardier
Show Poster Design
  • Personal
Antialiased Study Design, Cross Stitch
  • Personal
AT Art Print Design, Screen Printing